2013: Things I Liked

The following releases are in no particular order and the comprised list is far from comprehensive; I’m sure as soon as I publish this draft, I’ll remember something else I want to include. If I had to choose a #1 album, it’d probably be Open or perhaps the Rollin’ EP. But I…

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A New Piece: Entre los Árboles

I had been sitting on this piece for a while before I made a few final changes.  Now I’m sharing it with you so that I may begin working on a new album.  Some people are calling this piece a new album in itself, which I find to be off…

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A few copies of Luz are for sale.

    Hello, I have a few copies of my collaborative LP with Federico Durand for sale. It sounds best on a Fall day like today, with a hot tea in your hands and warm socks on your feet. Other good folks have also said nice things—especially about how it…

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Please be patient.

  • 22nd May 2012

Hi there.  In a wonderfully exultant fit of confusion, I accidentally deleted my entire website!  And knowing me and my responsible ways, I did not back up the database.  Therefore, I am working on gathering information to make it cohesive and highly entertaining. Meanwhile, here’s a looney tunes cartoon for…

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